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What's left of me

First post.. I am still unsure about the difference between here and bds_media but that here is exclusively for fanarts.

Character(s): 'Connor' & Murphy
Rating: work safe, some blood.
Link (or lj-cut):




Is this a WIP (Work In Progress)? No (but I'll modify on demand)
Notes: I think I should try to make the gradient smoother, but then again maybe it's my computer acting up because it's been left open too long. Huh.. entirely made today. Because there ain't enough BDS fanart. Because they are angsty, sexy boys. Because Murphy does not have the white clothe around his hips in the original. And look! Wings! =D

Sketched with pencil, inked and colored by Photoshop. Comment shall you take, please. Ask and I'll answer/modify/allow to post else where. If you like, I'll then post it on bds_media. Constructive comments be most welcomed.
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